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World Credit System Manual

The World Temple Trust Fund is a legal arrangement set up by the grantor Hon. Larry Shelton (Negus Shemsizedek), who appoints the World Temple trustees regulated by the World Trust Authority that is appointed to administer the valuable assets for the benefit of all listed beneficiaries of the World Congregation for a period of time, after which all or a portion of the funds are released to the World Congregation beneficiary or beneficiaries. We seek to partner with local temple congregations that identify, equip, and support their members of the World Congregation who are called to specific areas of ministry in the World Church, the World Marketplace, and the World Government Global District.  The World Credit Authority is the World Government’s mutual World Reserve Fund and is a professionally managed global fund that pools money from global investors to purchase marketable securities. These investors may be retail or institutional in nature. We’ve decided to serve the entire global village. Our investment management is owned by the account-shareholders themselves. This brings the wealth right back to where it belongs to the everyday common folk and their families. 

World Credit Manuel by :LawiyZodok:Shamu:-El on Scribd

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